Wednesday, December 9, 2015


It is not often that one finds himself in need to invent a new term.
Some words evolve from slang and become part of our everyday jargon.
Others, you simply have to invent.
Today, is such a day for me and I must say, soon after feeling a bit stressed, having assigned this task to myself, I rolled in the pure good feeling that is at the end of the day, Vluxe.

I've designed many clothing items in my time, many never before seen on the face of the earth. Often I assigned them names of cities, taking surely, the easy way out. This time however, I found myself
having to go further because not only did I need a name for a new model, but I was stuck in having to write down a description for it as there was a part of this shirt that simply has not existed before.
How can you talk about something if the central word in the discussion doesn't yet exist?

With a friend visiting from Italy, I decided I would bounce this dilemma off of him. Frankly, as good as I can be at this, Cesare put me to shame. In less than thirty seconds he had it,
"you should call it...V-SPOT".

After laughing at loud, not at how ridiculous this was, but at how fun it was and even more, how perfect it was. This is a shirt model that is new, fresh, and I believe one that will be well received because it creates simply, more space on a shirt to create upon that existed before. This space is sure to bring joy to the wearer and retailer alike.

I am anxious to show it to you....but it's not quite time.
Show Season is around the corner, where the V-SPOT will be revealed
until then.....I'll have to keep you in the dark.

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